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Computing clusters
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Computer systems
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Web Pages
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Knowledge and experience
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stable and secure solutions
Benchmarking of computation machines,
synthetic/CFD/MES tests


Scientific Systems Solutions provides the following services:

  1. Provision of the complete computer systems solutions.
    Delivery of desktops, work and graphics stations: custom designs and solutions from renowned manufacturers: Dell, HP, IBM, Tyan, Supermicro.
  2. Designing of high-performance clusters and computing machines - consulting, installation, configuration. Construction of compute clusters based on our own COTS constructions and blade servers (Dell PowerEdge, HP ProLiant BladeSystem, IBM).
  3. Testing of computing machines (synthetic benchmarks / applications CFD / FEM).
  4. Consultancy for the (re)building of wired and wireless networks, network security, access control and network traffic monitoring.
  5. Provisioning of comprehensive IT solutions - consulting, design, cabling and network devices supply.
  6. Sites and web pages design and construction based on the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management Framework and WordPress CMS - with use of the latest Web technologies (CSS3.0, HTML5, jQuery, etc.).

We strive our offer to be complete, professional, reliable yet attractive from the application, implementation, financial and functional point of view. To achieve this we have started cooperation with major Partners of the IT market in Poland.