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Scientific Solutions Systems performs consulting activities. Field of our interest in which we are specializing is design of computer systems and work/graphics stations, their assembling, functioning and optimization.

Second area in which we advise is HPC (High Performance Computing) market. Our specialists closely cooperate with top vendors of cluster components to gain knowledge and experience in testing and performance assessment, providing highly technical data and results of  rigorous tests of cluster platforms in return.

Another advisory field of Scientific Solutions Systems are networks – wired (cable & fiber), hybrid (HFC) as well as wireless. We advise how to conduct complete project of network deployment in effective way – starting from auditing of objects, buildings and terrain, assessment of throughput demand, power sources availability through phase of design process, buying/hiring of links and fiber optic ducts and network equipment, its installation, connections configuration and quality measurements, ending on start-up, traffic monitoring in the network segments.

We also measure and analyze wireless networks emission (heatmap plot), SNR, error quantity, and channel overlapping, etc. On this basis we advise how to optimize distribution of existing access points for optimal object/area coverage and transmission quality.

We also consult firms/companies in terms of IT infrastructure. An audit performed on Client’s wish, concerning actual state of IT infrastructure, needs and requirements set by and for the Client, data storage and protection, estimated TCO of IT infrastructure (outsourcing, equipment, licensing, etc.) provides required parameters for preparing of the IT sphere upgrade/modernization of Client’s company.

To exploit the full potential of our offer please do not hesitate to contact us at consulting(at)sssystems(dot)eu.