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  • What distinguishes Scientific Systems Solutions from competing firms and their offers?

    Comprehensive approach, professionalism, commitment and willingness to meet the demands of customers - features not available in companies with little experience built on the basis of color computer-devoted magazines. Our approach is not the "popular" in business circles, dominated by the "target", "business plan", "profit" and "success" concepts - of course, financial-market factors are important, but our greatest asset is the Customer, His/Her satisfaction and appreciation that build up a sense of well done task in us.

    The company also internally recognizes that most valuable capital are not the computers and equipment, but employees and their satisfaction. Our approach may seem "strange" in terms of doing business that focuses on profit and success - we believe that our approach in this regard allows us to achieve those not by being a purpose but as a derivative of our actions.

  • Who do you addressing your offer?

    Our offer is targeted to individual customers and small and medium business (SMB) market. There are the realizations of "ordinary PCs", highly specialized computers, workstations and cluster computers in Scientific Solutions Systems portfolio. Our employees also design, build and manage networks with backbone data rates ranging from several Mbps to 10 Gbps, connecting from several to tens of thousands of users.

  • What are the key values for Scientific Solutions Systems?

    The most important for us is the UNCOMPROMISING QUALITY. It is the greatest value for us and around it we build our entire company. Quality brings efficiency accompanied by customer and our own satisfaction.

     The efficiency, reliability and satisfaction are the driving force of brand building and obtaining numbers of satisfied customers - we believe that from this point there is only a tiny step to financial and market success.

  • What principles are guiding Scintific Solutions Systems?

    We treat our company as a common good and a platform to develop, refine, excel and in the further perspective as a source of income or livelihood. The company views its employees and customers as the greatest asset and capital.

    Willingness to work in accordance with the objectives and vision of the Client sometimes requires us to act "uneconomical" - of course we do not use unfair competition practices - it just happens that the time required to fulfill certain tasks is well above assumptions, but such isolated situations are also a rich source of experience for us. Perfecition and excellence does not come from vacuum - we invest our time and efforts in training and practices.

  • Do Scientific Solutions Systems take all the challenges and realizes all the orders?

    We do not undertake such tasks, for which we do not have the knowledge, experience or capabilities needed to complete the project.

    Do not execute orders, in which our estimation of the costs and effort dramatically differs from expectations of our Client.

    We also do not perform orders, where the economic conditions cause a loss of quality - we are endorsing any of our implementation.

  • In connection with such strict following of quality - does Scientific Solutions System use expensive components?

    We follow the rule of "efficient thinking and actions" similar to the Lean Six Sigma. We are aware that this is the very concept of "financial marketing" - but why not learn from valuable sources, regardless of origin?

    We use proven solutions, not necessarily the most expensive one, but the best in terms of capabilities and quality for money. This approach gives the best economic results, very predictable amount of work necessary to get the desired effect, and high quality solutions.

    It is clear that components of reputable manufacturers "guarantee" a good quality due to restrictive production standards, quality control and laboratories dedicated to research & development. We use these solutions if they are financially beneficial for the customer, or if additional conditions (eg. warranty terms and conditions or time-to-repair) in a particular case militate in favor of such solution.

  • How Scientific Solutions Systems treats customer support?

    We are trying to provide comprehensive support to our customers. We do not treat this as a "hassle" or form of inconvenient  commitment - on the contrary - we are trying to offload customers and support them with the delivered solutions.


    We build positive relationships not only on the basis of economics of buying and selling process - we believe that a feeling of security and care of the Scientific Solutions Systems helps to increase confidence of customer, trust in us and propagation of good opinion.


    Monitoring of the Customer satisfaction is also one of the key methods of support we use. At specific intervals of time we are encouraging Clients to allow us to carry out paid maintenance work to prolong the functioning of the supplied solutions (if they do not affect the other terms of the order, for example, does not exclude the manufacturer's warranty). We also support the expansion and modernization of systems and services provided.

  • How Scientific Solutions Systems treats servicing actions?

    One can not in 100% eliminate the risk of malfunction or failure. In the event of such situation we try to minimize its impact on the systems provided by the immediate diagnosis and priority service action.

    In any case, we feel responsible for incomplete functionality of provided solutions - we are trying to, as quickly as possible, to restore full functionality, and where possible to compensate the discomfort created by occurrence such a situation.

    If there is no possibility of repairing the damaged component, we try to replace it with a new of no worse technical and functional specifications, or if this is impossible we propose to restore functionality to the greatest extent possible and inform about the possibility of financial compensation.

  • How Scientific Solutions Systems takes the guarantees and warranties?

    We aim to make these two concepts were only slogans that are required by law or formal determined good commercial practice.

    Rigorous testing of solutions before putting into service is likely to allow us to detect and eliminate manufacturing defects, damage, or other transportation that could reduce functionality of our solutions.

    We test even the elements that are potentially "flawless". We do not classify systems in terms of their potential applications - with the same care we take a business laptop, desktop computer bought as a gift for a child, or computing cluster - each of them must be able to work under maximum load and is being tested in this way.

    In case of we are wrong (failure despite of testing), answer to previous question above apply.

  • How Scientific Solutions Systems deals with the complaint?

    It is often common practice, that the complaint is a troublesome situation in running a business, requiring additional time and resources. It happens that companies are reluctant to pursue complaints - especially those that do not result from malfunction of the supplied component, system or service.

    We try to maintain the maximum professionalism in dealing with clients during the exchange of information. This reduces misunderstandings to a minimum the chance of range of activities that must be done to realize the order or perform the service not being fully defined.

    We are trying to inform and instruct even inexperienced clients about the possibility, configuration and available options for the order. Each order is accepted by the customer in writing or electronically.

    The iron rule of our activity is the collection of fees / remuneration for work done after its implementation, and checking the proper operation, unless the order is a multi-stage and an agreement between the parties provides otherwise.

    If the merits of the complaint are proven objectively (eg, client misinformation, inability to comply with an order of reasons relating to Scientific Solutions Systems) we try to repair the inconveniences arising from the situation.

    As a last resort we take recourse to legal and enforcement actions - we believe that most situations can be resolved on the basis of compromise and agreement between the Parties.

  • How Scientific Systems Solutions protects Clients' Identity?

    Our company pays special attention to security and confidentiality of clients, both personal and financial details as well as  transactions technical details - regardless of whether the customer is the recipient of an individual, company or other entity. We respect your privacy and we take care of it's protection, although many large companies and hardware manufacturers, against the law, requires the end-customer data in order to prepare offers - WE DO NOT EXPOSE END-CUSTOMER DATA without the explicit consent. We strive to improve our hardware and software security systems to defeat the growing data threats.