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Who We Are?

Scientific Solutions Systems is a group of experienced people, whos task is to deliver solutions of problems and tasks from wide range of IT and DTP domains.

Contrary to other IT companies  we are seeking for solutions which are technologically advanced, non-standard, yet preserving clarity and simplicity – even in case of very advanced projects and campaigns. Motto for our actions is a  paraphrase of the  quote attributed to Einstein:


Everything should be made
as simple as possible - but no simpler.

Our experience was build for last 15 years – members of our team are qualified professionals – defining for themselves a quality standards for offered solutions as well as form of contact with Clients unusual in typical textbook-driven forms of making business.

From quality standards and procedures carried out from our cooperation with of “big fish” business and banking companies, public sector and R&D firms we extracted the best features to create optimal system for management, company information exchange and Customer contact.

Endless pursiut for quality, expanding knowledge, gathering of experience, passion and will to meet highest requirements and sensible undertaking of even most complicated challenges are the features which are the guidelines for us.